Frequently asked questions

How much is it to take part in a OnlinePop Up?

Our Online Weekend Pop Ups in 2021 are £25 to take part in.

How does it work?

We run our Online Pop Ups on our website and social media accounts.

You will be promoted beforehand and on the day on social media as well as having a listing on our website.
Our website becomes a marketplace on the day with your listing, linking to your shop and socials media and our own social media pages contain promotions for each seller as well! We encourage you to run your social media as your ‘stall’ on the day, promoting pieces of your work and sharing items for sale too alongside the promotions we do for you. We also send you a comprehensive list of ideas on how to make the most of our markets and are here to help and support you as well!

Do you provide tips on how to run our social media on the day?

Yes we do! We'll provide you with tips and ideas on how to make the Online Market work for you and to make the most of selling with us!

Will you provide promotional material?

Yes of course! We'll send graphics to use in the lead up to the market.

How do I apply?

We only allow a limited amount of sellers per Online Pop Up. Each market is done by application so that we can curate our markets to provide the best shopping experience for customers. We try not to duplicate items that sellers make too much so that our events are varied and interesting for customers. To apply head HERE for all dates and applications!
We also recommend you sign up to our mailing list HERE. As we will email out all dates and the application form for each date throughout the year.

How do I pay?

Payment must be made by BACS within 48 hours of being accepted to join. We will send you an invoice for this.

Do I need insurance?

Yes you will need Insurance like you would normally to sell online.