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2nd and 3rd July Market Highlights ⭐

Nikki is back today here on the blog with a round up of her market highlights from our most recent Pop Up!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Pop Up Emporium so I thought it’d be nice to take a look back at some of my highlights from the weekend. There were lots of new sellers displaying their incredible work this time around, as well as some familiar favourites. Dare I say it but I actually bought my first Christmas present! Here’s a round up of the things that caught my eye:

The Silvery

The beautiful Jules from The Silvery coats all kinds of beautiful pieces of nature in silver, preserving them and creating beautiful pieces of jewellery. This incredible necklace caught my eye, it looks fit for a Sea Queen. If nautical royalty is not your look Jules also has lots of smaller, more delicate pieces. She can even coat your own keepsakes in silver for you as well!

The Wild & The Tame

Chantelle from The Wild and The Tame creates the most beautiful baby clothes and accessories in a range of cute, colourful fabrics. The patterns that she’s chosen for her fabrics are almost a child friendly mix of Liberty and William Morris prints. Chantelle makes these vintage style little summer dresses but also a range of zipper pouches, booties, bibs and blankets.

Mashona Design

Chantel from Mashona Design creates these incredible, colourful accessories using sustainable African print fabrics. These head wraps are ingenious as they are wired meaning you don’t get all

your hair caught up in it when you’re tying a knot! She also creates bags, pouches and fabric plant pots too.

Bahloo and Yhi

Everyone loves a candle, and the range of scents Bahloo and Yhi has are simply delicious. One of those Daydream candles came home with me but it was a close call between that and the Forest Berries. They were all divine though. Bahloo and Yhi also make a range of diffusers and wax melts as well.

Harley and Steffan

Harley and Steffan were a new seller for me this time round and I absolutely loved everything they made. Not only did they have beautifully made wooden desk organisers and bookends they also had a range of wooden animals, and flowers in vases that were decorated with these bright, colourful, folky vinyls. A perfect, pocket size gift!

Harley & Roni

Harley and Roni were another new seller this time around with a range of bold, colourful prints and cards. I loved the clean lines and bright colours used in these designs, these floral and plant based images being my absolute favourite. I picked up a couple of cards and some cute little pocket notebooks myself.

British Nature Crafts

Natasha from British Nature Crafts makes the most beautiful, and incredibly detailed ceramics all inspired by nature. She had such a fantastic range of items with her at the market as well, from keyrings and these cute little mushrooms, to mugs, dishes and vases. So no matter your price point there was something beautiful available!

Nikki x


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