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The Pop Up Emporium - Interview with Jane from Artuma Scarves and Prints

Today on the blog we are excited to be chatting to Jane from Artuma Scarves and Prints and finding out more about this small business!

Hi Jane, thanks for joining us on our blog today at The Pop Up Emporium! We're really looking forward to finding out more about your business!

Can you tell us a bit about what you do, your work and how you started your business?

I design silk scarves (and now sleep masks) and what I call ‘rural pop art’ prints. After moving out of London to the countryside with my family, I began taking landscape photographs near my home, then using my design skills, from a previous life in magazine design, I started creating iconic rural scenes but with a twist. I now design abstract patterns using my photographs and turn them into statement silk scarves.

We love all of your gorgeous scarves and prints, but what is your favourite item that you make/sell?

I really love my limited edition giclée print, BRANCASTER BEACH because it reminds me of fun times at the seaside. My favourite silk scarf is DROPLETS - it portrays raindrops on a train window during a trip to London. All my work includes memories for me.

And what has been your most popular item of yours?

My subtle pink and grey print, PINK COW PARSLEY is definitely my most popular limited edition giclée print - and silk scarf, AUDLEY which sold out really quickly and has now been replaced with the AUDLEY silk eye mask.

Where can we find your items?

I sell via my website and at fairs but my scarves and sleep masks are also stocked in the gorgeous boutique Blue Saffron Walden.

Do you have any new items launching soon?

I recently designed and launched four designs of silk eye masks - great for meditation, beauty sleep and bright mornings! They are made from high grade Mulberry silk and are super soft and really snazzy. They make gorgeous gifts for any occasion.

And finally, here at The Pop Up we are all about supporting small businesses. What does shopping small mean to you? And how does it feel when people support your business?

I shop small because I prefer to buy items that are lovingly made or designed and they are always superior in quality and style. When someone buys my work, I feel immensely privileged they have chosen something I have spent time designing, to wear or hang on their wall.

Thank you Jane, it's been lovely to chat and hear more about Artuma Scarves and Prints!

Want to find more from Artuma Scarves and Prints then head here:


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