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The Pop Up Emporium - Interview with Kate from Time For Me Teas.

Today on the blog we are excited to be chatting to Kate from Time For Me Teas and finding out more about this small business!

Hi Kate, thanks for joining us on our blog today at The Pop Up Emporium! We're really looking forward to finding out more about your business!

Can you tell us a bit about what you do, your work and how you started your business?

Hi, I’m Kate, I create organic loose leaf herbal tea blends that are caffeine-free and contain no added flavourings at all, each herb has enough flavour of its own! I created my first tea blend out of a pure need to take a moment for myself to breathe. I’m a mum of two girls and one day they were bored/hungry/thirsty and wouldn’t give me a moment to think!SoI went to my herb collection, took a pinch each of lemon balm, lemon verbena & lime flower (all great for stress relief) and createdaherbal tea. As I took asipI felt my body relax and my mind clear andSereniteawas born! I now have over 10 varieties with more in the pipeline - plus a subscription box called the V.I.T Club, which is a Virtually Interactive Tea Club. The members help me to create the Tea of the Month via a FB group, then receive that blend in the post, as well as online herbal tea blending workshops to create their own unique blends too.

Your teas all look amazing, but what is your favourite item that you make/sell?

My favourite item is mylimited editionblend: Summer Breeze. This is a sweet, floral blend, it tastes honey-like due to the jasmine and lime flower and sweet from the rose and camomile. It reminds me of warm summer evenings in the garden after a BBQ, sipping something sweet.

And what has been your most popular item of yours?

My most popular item is Tired & Wired. This was created because one day I couldn’t decide whether I wantedSereniteato calm my mind orMinteaTonic to refresh my body, so I had the brainwave of mixing them together and addingOatstraw too which is a nerve tonic and Tired & Wired was born!

Where can we find your items?

All my tea blends can be found in my Etsy shop or my website shop called @freddieandmatilda which is in the heart of Truro City Centre, here in Cornwall. I also offer wholesale to other small businesses, who often purchase my tea tasters for their own subscription boxes.

Do you have any new items launching soon?

I'm launching a new tea my youngest daughter created called ‘Amber’s Rose Tea’. On 25th June I’m holding a virtual Equali-tea Party here on IG to raise money –who campaign for LGBTQ+ equality and also visit schools in the UK to give them the skills to tackle bullying related to this. Amber identifies as Pansexual and unfortunately has already encountered bullying due to this, so we wanted to support an organisation that helps other kids to understand that everyone is free to be themselves. 50p from each tin sold of both Amber’s Rose Tea and also my own Rainbow Tea will be donated to

And finally, here at The Pop Up we are all about supporting small businesses. What does shopping small mean to you? And how does it feel when people support your business?

Shopping small to me means supporting the community whether that is in your own area or even worldwide. I love the personal touch of shopping with a small business; finding a unique gift for someone you care about, or just treating yourself to something you wouldn’t find elsewhere. When people support mybusiness,it really brings me joy, knowing that they are taking a moment for themselves – which we all need right now. But most importantly it helps my kids to understand that they too can follow their own dreams because they see me following mine.

Thank you Kate, it's been lovely to chat and hear more about Time for Me Teas today!

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Want to find more from Time For Mea Teas then head here:


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