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Why sell at a Pop Up market? ⭐

Markets are a great place for small businesses to showcase their work and today we are sharing our top 5 reasons as to WHY markets are so brilliant!


Markets provide a space for makers and small businesses to set up a shop to a day!

It's a great way to see all your items together, create a curated selection to showcase and plus having a market stall for a day is a low risk alternative to setting up a physical shop.


We all use social media for our businesses now which is is great! You can reach customers all over to UK and the World, but what about your local customers?

Markets are such a good way to introduce your brand to locals and to meet your customers face to face. It's a great chance to speak about your products and reach new clients.


Having a stall at a market is also a great opportunity to see what items people are drawn to and to get feedback.

It can really help to speak to customers, find out what items they like and this can help to direct what you are making and creating.

It's a really useful way to gauge what works and what doesn't.


Markets are great marketing too!

It's another way to promote your small business and here at the Pop Up we make sure we promote each seller as much as we can too.

We will always shout out each small business as much as we can in the lead up to and over the weekend of our markets as we know how important exposure is for small businesses!


And finally - one thing that we think is really important here at The Pop Up Emporium is building a community for our makers and creative small businesses.

A lot of small business owners work alone, and so a market is a wonderful place to come together, meet other like minded people and build your small business community!

So there we go - our top 5 reasons why it's great to sell at Markets!

Our markets are full for 2022 but if you are a maker or a small business and you would like to join us at some point you can still apply to be on our waiting list HERE for the year and make sure you sign up to the mailing list HERE so we can keep you posted with all Pop Up small business opportunities!

The Pop Up Emporium


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