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The Pop Up Emporium - Interview with Mia from Knitaboo.

Our Small Business Interviews are back and we are kicking them off by meeting the talented Mia from Knitaboo!

Hi Mia, thanks for joining us on our blog today at The Pop Up Emporium! We're really looking forward to finding out more about your business!

Can you tell us a bit about what you do, your work and how you started your business?

I make knitted clothes for newborns, babies and toddlers which started because I love hand knitted items!

We love knitted items too, and all the pieces you create. What is your favourite item that you make/sell?

Booties, its all about the booties

And what has been your most popular item of yours?

At the moment it is the rompers but the booties are very popular.

Where can we find your items?

I am available at the Mamahood in East Dulwich, on my own website, Ethel Loves Me in Rye and landing in the Pop Up Club in Brighton in July.

And finally, here at The Pop Up we are all about supporting small businesses. What does shopping small mean to you? And how does it feel when people support your business? Shopping small means I am supporting my local economy to grow and thrive. This is so important

We love having you at the Pop Up - when are you next selling with us at the Pop Up Emporium?

I'll be joining the Pop Up Emporium Market in Hastings at The Stade Hall on 4th and 5th September!

Thank you Mia, it's been lovely to chat and hear more about Knitaboo today!

Want to find more from Knitaboo then head here:


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