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The Pop Up Emporium - Interview with Sally from Rock Body Soul.

Today on the blog we are excited to be chatting to Sally from Rock Body Soul and finding out more about this small business!

Hi Sally, thanks for joining us on our blog today at The Pop Up Emporium! We're really looking forward to finding out more about your business!

Can you tell us a bit about what you do, your work and how you started your business?

Hi, thanks so much for featuring me! I’m Sally and I created Rock Body Soul as I wanted to share the magic of crystals and their healing properties after experiencing their benefits for myself. All my crystals are responsibly sourced and I hand pick each and every one of them. Alongside the crystals I sell a selection of metaphysical gifts including Sacred Elephant incense, handmade incense holders, oracle cards and books. I have a curated collection of crystal pendants which are made in collaboration with local jeweller Julie Tucker-Williams.

Your crystals are all incredible to look at, but what is your favourite item that you make/sell?

Each and every crystal is unique so it’s hard to choose a favourite but if I had to pick a type of crystal it would be smoky quartz.

And what has been your most popular item of yours?

Citrine ~ it is full of joyful energy and attracts abundance so people are often drawn to it!

Where can we find your items? or via my Instagram page

Do you have any new items launching soon?

Keep an eye out for new pendants coming soon

And finally, here at The Pop Up we are all about supporting small businesses. What does shopping small mean to you? And how does it feel when people support your business?

I love to support small businesses as I know how much it means to make a sale, no matter how small. A sale can change my day and is a reminder that I am turning my dream into reality!

Thank you Sally, it's been lovely to chat and hear more about Rock Body Soul today!

Want to find more from Rock Body Soul then head here:


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