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The Pop Up Emporium - Interview with Melanie from Laslett England.

Today on the blog we are excited to be chatting to Melanie from Laslett England and finding out more about this small business!

Hi Melanie, thanks for joining us on our blog today at The Pop Up Emporium! We're really looking forward to finding out more about your business!

Can you tell us a bit about what you do, your work and how you started your business?

Hello everyone, my name is Melanie Laslett, I started my accessories business, Laslett England in 2014 after a long career in fashion textile design. I design and create premium scarves, neckerchiefs, bandanas, and silk pocket squares. All the print designs are my creation inspired by art, nature and found objects and influenced by a love of vintage fabrics and fashion. Artworks are digitally printed onto a range of natural fabrics, including silk and wool. Everything is made in the UK.

Your scarves are all so beautiful, but what is your favourite item that you make/sell?

The Riviera Diamond Silk Scarf – the diamond-shape is more unusual; the combination of the shape and Deco-inspired print means it makes a real style statement. There are several ways to wear it plus it looks great worn as a headband.

And what has been your most popular item of yours?

A silk and cotton silk neckerchief called ‘Regatta’ in orange and blue.

Where can we find your items?

I sell everything from my own website, but I also sell at a number of Fairs across the year in various parts of the country.

Do you have any new items launching soon?

Yes! I am about to launch a silk chiffon scarf called ‘Solitaire’ in two colourways. It’s a large polka dot print with a 1950’s vintage vibe – what I call a ‘happy’ print – colourful and optimistic.

And finally, here at The Pop Up we are all about supporting small businesses. What does shopping small mean to you? And how does it feel when people support your business?

Shopping small to me means, making a considered purchase from an individual craftsperson. Shopping from a small business is sustainable as products are produced in limited numbers. My wish is that a Laslett England scarf is a not only a beautiful accessory to wear but is a lasting piece of original design to cherish. I always feel incredibly honoured when someone buys from me plus it is incredibly motivational.

Thank you Melanie, it's been lovely to chat and hear more about Laslett England today!

Want to find more from Laslett England then head here:


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