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The Market Manual... how to display your items at a market.

Welcome to the first instalment of The Market Manual.

This is a series of 'how to' blog posts to help with all things markets. And today is all about how to set up your stall and display your items to show them off in the best way. We LOVE seeing everyone's set up at our markets.

Each stall is like walking into a mini shop full of incredible handmade items, you just want to look at every item that's on display! So what are some great ways to showcase your items? Have a read below to find out...

1. Table cloth

We all know a table cloth is a must for a market stall! Not only does it give a beautiful backdrop for your items, it also hides all the bags and boxes under the table too. When choosing a cloth, have a think about how you want your stall to look. We love both a plain and simple one colour cloth to make your items pop, but equally love a pattern cloth which ties in with your branding.

2. Display

When planning your stall have a think about how a customer will view it. Add in height with boxes, crates and card racks to give you more space and create interest plus display items on things such as boards, mirrors, platters to compliment you items. Think about your brand colours too and perhaps paint stands to reflect this to tie everything together. If you have a space with a wall behind you this is another great opportunity to show your work. Hang pieces where you can or even a banner of your logo. Remember your stall is your 'shop' so it's important to create an inviting space for customers!

3. Pricing

Have clear pricing. Whether on individual items or as a list. Some customers don't like to ask prices and so having items ready priced helps customers to shop easily.

4. Business cards and marketing material

These don't necessarily need to be on your stand, but it's great to have them to hand if a customer would like your details. As mentioned before, display your branding and logo either behind you or on your stall somehow. You want customers to know your business name and how to find you online!

5. And lastly have fun with it!

Setting up a market stall is such a great way to showcase your items and view everything altogether. Play around with layouts, where to position best sellers and how to really show off your work!

Have you got any tips you'd recommend? Pop them in the comments below - we'd love to know!

Rachel ⭐

The Pop Up Emporium

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